I am a blessed woman!  When I look at that picture of my family, that is truly all I can say.  I have done nothing to deserve such blessings in my life, but God is rich in mercy and grace and I am definitely a recipient of that.  I have been married to my college sweetheart for 29 years and we have three amazing grown children and a son-in-law that we adore.   Life has been a mixture of joy and chaos!  We have journeyed up and down the high and low's of life, but God keeps sustaining us and always making a way for us and giving us many reasons to be thankful & grateful.
On a personal level...woman to woman...I am not who I was thirty years ago.  I don't look the same.  I don't think the same.  I don't act the same. And that is a GOOD thing!  Let's be real though, I struggle some days when I see my reflection and it is not what it used to be.  I fight that epic battle of self-esteem.  I hate that.  The things that my body, my heart and my soul have been through in the last few decades have left a mark on me.  But, you know what, that mark should be celebrated and embraced!  I have survived.  I have thrived.  And so have you, my dear.  So have you.   That's why my heart longs to see you blessed through portraits of yourself.